Using recycled aluminium to manufacture capsules

3 February 2019

It is a hard-nosed business decision. For circular model paths, Nespresso needs to partner with other companies along the whole supply and value chains, all of which require more resources and different skillsets on the part of Nespresso. When asked why the firm is not using recycled aluminium to manufacture their capsules, Nespresso claimed their capsules […]

More water for Sahel

6 November 2018

Act for your planet is proud to be partnership of: MORE WATER FOR SAHEL initiative: click here  Think and act collectively to let water pave the way to peace and human development      

The day taps (almost) ran out of water in South Africa

22 October 2018

The day taps (almost) ran out of water in South Africa Today, Claire Pengelly told us everything about the management of the water crisis that South Africa had to face for the last three years. The GreenCape Organization saw in the drought an opportunity for significant change in the water consumption. Even though the Cape […]

Yann Arthus Bertrand : Looking down on our home

20 October 2018

Earth Seen From Above: As an artist and activist, « artivist » would say the director of La Maison de la Photographie, Yann Arthus Bertrand spent forty years flying over Earth. To show its beauty, its inhabitants, to spread love, his love, for nature, for others. Today, he is closing the World Forum for a Responsible Economy […]

Reinvent the Toilet Challenge

6 October 2018

More than 2 billion people lack access to clean water and sanitation around the world. Through his foundation’s “Reinvent the Toilet Challenge,” Gates has given millions to teams seeking to develop waterless toilets in the last several years. To be entered into the challenge, toilets had to cost less than 5 cents a day to […]

Palm plantations : from labor exploitation and social conflicts

22 August 2018

A new report by Greenpeace finds that palm oil suppliers to the world’s largest brands have cleared more than 1,300 square kilometres of rainforest—an area the size of the city of Los Angeles—since the end of 2015. The report found that palm oil suppliers to these top brands had cleared more than 1,300 square kilometers (500 […]

Advanced analytics, and digital technology, towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution

7 April 2018

What are the hardware, software, and financing challenges the world needs to navigate before the enticing vision of the Fourth Industrial Revolution becomes a reality? The Fourth Industrial Revolution has made some rather exciting promises to society: More streamlined business practices, services that can be customised to the need of every individual, and technologies that […]

Choices influencing food access

1 March 2018

Food access:  food supply and food security Have you ever considered that you’re not the only one who decides what food ends up on your plate? How can we discern dilemmas at household, local, national and international levels get the big picture when the connections between levels and actors regarding access to food have been […]

Replace, re-use, recycle : 3 steps to saving the planet 

18 February 2018

Take-out coffee and bottled water symbolise both the luxury and the waste of the early 21st century. They represent the throwaway world, the always-on culture, the low-pay, low-skill jobs. They reflect our catastrophic disregard of the consequences of our choices for the world around us. Recycling plastics can be profitable ,  but it is also capital […]

Patagonia Action Works

8 February 2018

On February 7, 2018, Patagonia launched a new digital platform connecting customers with local organizations working to save the planet. The goal of this new platform, called Patagonia Action Works, is to help Patagonia customers learn more about local environmental issues and how to get involved with events, petitions, fundraising and volunteering time and skills.  

Wood is Good! 

6 February 2018

Responsibly sourced wood : By storing carbon , wood can play also a big part in  helping tackle climate change. It is important to remove carbon from the atmosphere as well as reduce new carbon emissions going into the atmosphere. Wood achieves both of these. Wood is unique among building materials because it is a […]

Climate change : and what about us?

21 January 2018

A. Integrate climate change and nutrition policies Climate change and nutrition need to have an aligned agenda. We know crop prices will increase (it has been predicted that climate change will result in additional prices increase of 5 -25% for important agriculture crops like maize, wheat and soybeans), we also know that food quality is […]

The silence breakers

10 January 2018

World resources

4 January 2018

Energy/Climate and environmental policies are inextricably linked. All energy production and consumption has environmental impacts.  The challenges of producing and using energy resources sustainably and protecting our natural environment equally represent an opportunity to pursue sustainable economic growth,while contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation. In many regards energy,climate and environmental objectives go hand in […]

Plastic fibers pouring into the environment and into our bodies 

4 January 2018

If plastic frees us, improving daily life in almost uncountable ways, It is everywhere: the most enduring, insidious, and intimate product in the world.And plastic imprisons us in waste and microscopic pollution. From the soles of your shoes to the contact lenses in your eyes, the phone in your pocket to the food in your refrigerator, […]

Things to watch in 2018

3 January 2018

Our positive environmental actions don’t have to end as we enter the New Year, we’re getting ever closer to a tipping point that could mainstream environmental actions. It’s the time of year when we can look afresh at our lives and decide what to focus on. And when it comes to green New Year’s resolutions, looking […]

Europe will see increasing numbers of desperate people fleeing their home countries

27 December 2017

Linking migration to climate change is controversial. Yet , scientists are clear that rising temperatures and extreme weather are likely to increase migration , So,it is difficult to separate this factor from the myriad other factors that drive people to flee their homes.

Wasteland in Pacific

26 December 2017

Best way to defend environment 

26 November 2017

If we do not want to become the victim of the impending sixth mass extinction, we must therefore, (without abandoning the necessity to build, construct, create, discover, ‘repair/heal’ the world), have a strong link to the natural world in a genuinely altruistic way, with no direct connection to our own interest. It would be, incidentally, […]

Man realize he is a woman like any other

26 November 2017

Nothing matters more, for the future of humanity, than girls education. The debate about the fate of women is on the rise, in all its dimensions, economic, po litical, social and moral. There is one among them, however, which is less spoken about than the others and which, nevertheless, determines everything: education of girls. Today, […]