Earth day : the 6 easy good habits !

By admin3485, 22 April 2022

From home to office, there are plenty of good habits that are easy to adopt to preserve our environment and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are some easy ideas:

1/ Think about your mode of transport

Going to work other than by private car avoids more than 200 kg of carbon emissions. Giving up is not necessarily easy, but when you know that a motorist loses an average of 6 days in traffic jams each year, it can help to think about alternatives when there are any, and that’s already a first step!

2/ Rebalancing our plates

Food is the source of 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions of a French person. It is easy to reduce the impact by changing our habits. We can rebalance animal and vegetable protein intake, and give priority to seasonal fruits and vegetables. Indeed, it takes a lot of energy to grow fruits and vegetables out of season, so it is better to limit their consumption.

3/ Press the switch

A gesture as important at home as at work. The idea is to turn off unnecessary lights, of course, but also to hunt for the standby modes of our computers, televisions, internet boxes, etc. A habit that is all the easier to adopt with power strips that control several devices at once, and which saves up to 80 euros per year on your electricity bill

4/ Control the water flow

We often think of turning off the water while soaping up in the shower or brushing our teeth, but the best way to reduce our water consumption is to place flow reducers on the taps or economical shower heads: they reduce the flow rate by up to 60%, without the pressure decreasing!

5/ Prioritize green contracts

A “green” electricity or gas contract means that the supplier undertakes to inject into the network a quantity of energy from renewable sources (wind, solar, hydraulic, etc.) equivalent to the consumption of your household. This encourages the development of these energies and that’s good! It is a small step on the scale of a household, but which is added to those of businesses. 

6/ Reasoning your use of digital

It may be the source of pollution we are least aware of, but it is very real. So it is rather a set of gestures that it is a question of adopting: limiting the number of recipients of our emails, compressing attachments and favoring local backups rather than on a cloud. But also regularly empty your mailbox or turn off your camera during remote team points.

What do you think?

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