Rural women are hit harder by the effects of global warming

By admin3485, 7 March 2024

In the small world of climate research, the observation has been known for a long time: in countries of the South, women are more vulnerable than men to the effects of global warming, and particularly in rural areas. A major study published Tuesday March 5 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for the first time reviewed data from nearly 110,000 rural households in 24 developing countries , which confirm the phenomenon.

The countries of the South:

In developing countries, rural women are hit harder by the effects of global warming than men. This reality was quantified on a large scale in a United Nations report published Tuesday March 5, which analyzed data related to nearly 110,000 household.


The Unjust Climate report highlights a sad reality: every year in low- and middle-income countries, women heads of household in rural areas suffer significantly greater financial losses than their counterparts. male cou


Thus, in the event of heat stress, households headed by a woman suffer on average an 8 percent greater loss of income than those headed by a man, and 3 percent more in the event of heat stress. ‘flood. This translates into a loss of income of USD 83 per capita from heat stress and USD 35 per capita from flooding, totaling USD 37 billion and USD 16 billion respectively for the all low- and middle-income countries.

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