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By admin3485, 26 February 2024

A probe from the American company Intuitive Machines is the first belonging to a private company to land on the Moon, Thursday February 22. It carries NASA instruments, and its mission is expected to last seven days. This is the first moon landing of an American aircraft in more than fifty years.

Intuitive Machines’ cargo lander, Odysseus, returned its first images from the moon’s surface over the weekend, as the spacecraft settles in to its lunar destination.

The company’s historic IM-1 mission is now operating on the moon after landing on Thursday 22nd , becoming the first  privately develop spacecraft   to soft land on the lunar surface.

Intuitive Machines initially reported Odysseus was standing upright. But in an update late Friday, company executives said they believe the spacecraft caught its landing gear sideways in the moon’s surface while touching down and tipped over.

Despite resting on its side, Odysseus is still sending back data. Intuitive Machines expects Odysseus to operate until Tuesday morning, when its solar panels will no longer be exposed to the sun.

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