The Compromised Planet

By admin3485, 3 January 2024

The compromised planet : 

“An existential enquiry into the nature of creativity , sustainability and being part of the human race . . . a deep look at the most fundamental of human impulses.” 

Thank You Roxane Grioche – Baum 


Now we know what we did not know.Compromised planet

Now we have seen mot just a new explosion of knowledge but at the same tine AI  and the ability to communicate knowledge but as the same time as we’ve learned more we’ve lost more : 

Here’s why I do what I do… 

  • treat people like you want to be treated
  • know when enough is enough
  • a trustworthy press is the immune system of democracy
  • everyone is equal under law


“No one put me in charge,  its come from within.

I am on a mission with passion, inspired by the wisdom of life, shaped by the beauty of nature, love, and humankind. 

The state of the world, and the plight of billions, make it impossible for us to accept status quo. There are no simple solutions

We need to give ourselves the freedom to go beyond the present and to change the rules of the game. 

 Everyone, without exception, can always do better. « 

la planete compromise , Roxane Grioche Baum

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