Should this year’s COP28 be the last?

By admin3485, 29 November 2023

Tomorrow the COP 28 in Dubaï is opening .

It was no longer a question of debates, observations or declarations of intent, but a real commitment, with figures, made in front of the whole world, for observers and future generations to see.

It was also a great success for European and French diplomacy, which managed to get the world’s most polluting nations to sign up for the agreement.

Yet, here we are!

COP28 UAE. Annual United Nations climate change conference. Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in November 2023. International climate summit banner. Global Warming. 

But eight years have passed. Successive COPs have made little meaningful progress, and most of the progress in the fight against global warming is now being organised elsewhere, in other institutions, at other events, in bilateral relations between states, or simply under pressure from public opinion.

The framework set by governments is blatantly clear: it is up to them to implement it, and it is up to businesses to rise to the challenge.

The model … may have been effective in 2015, but it is now showing its limits: no global agreement has been signed since.

What do you think?

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