A quarter of our carbon footprint is due to food.

By admin3485, 12 December 2022


Eating organic, local and seasonal saves 80 kg of CO2 per person per year. A good reflex to preserve the climate and eat better. Because if n is used to finding a lot of food products at unbeatable prices at the supermarket. But when we look at our health and the environment, we realize that the “cheap” hides disproportionate costs for society.

 To save the equivalent of about 80 kg of CO2 per person per year, we adopt this reflex: have a vegetable garden and/or buy organic, local and seasonal food.

Agriculture emits CO2 but also other greenhouse gases:

Like : • Deforestation to create agricultural land

• Agricultural machinery

• Building heating

• Transport (production, processing, consumption)

• Refrigeration/freezing

• Cooking (consumer)

Or CH4 ; • Digestion of ruminants (enteric fermentation)

• Livestock effluents (manure, slurry)

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